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What is Aftercare?

Aftercare simply put is the way we care for ourselves and one another after deeply connective experiences. Aftercare is very commonly used in the kink and BDSM community as a foundational standard of ethical connection and play. It is a great tool to support bringing our whole being back into balance and can be used for deeper integration and healing after moments of heightened activity and stimulation physically, mentally, emotionally, sexually and/or spiritually as well as through deep transition, release, and healing such as following a medicine ceremony, through stages of grief, post session, scene, or performance, post-surgery or medicinal procedures, or as an extra layer of care following reproductive transitions such as laboring + birth, abortion, pregnancy termination or loss. 

Why it's important?

When aftercare is beyond the capabilities, boundaries, needs, or scope of skill or practice for individuals it can be outsourced to ensure all people involved are able to receive what they need in order to return to balance and feel expansive and most in their power. This empowers us both as individuals and as a community to grow strength through transitions and recover from what our body-mind-heart-soul may experience in ways that expand us and those around us. 

Who is it for?

Aftercare is for every body. Because it is something that is customized to an individual's needs, it can be accessible for everyone. 

What's included in an aftercare session inside the Self Study Lab?

A few options available when booking an Aftercare session inside the Self Study Lab include:

  • Reiki + Energy Healing
  • Therapeutic Touch 
  • Debriefing and processing of the event/experience
  • Abhyanga oil massage
  • Breath + Body work
  • Meditation + guided meditative experiencing
  • Light sensory play
  • Nourishment

Every session includes the options to customize your experience with specific needs or requests and options to add on other supports such as custom herbal blends for ongoing support after session or medicinal meal prep. 

How to prepare before your session and what to expect after. 

Before your session, take a few moments to set an intention and gather your thoughts and needs. These may not surface before you arrive, and that is okay, there will be space for this to unfold inside the Self Study Lab. If it's an option for you, it's a good idea to leave some time and space for yourself before and after your session so that you can tend to your own needs and allow the work to settle in before moving back into your day. You may feel movement, release, or additional emotions, feelings, or body responses surface a few hours, days, or weeks following the session. It may be a good idea and supportive for you to book multiple sessions to help you return to balance in your body-mind-heart-soul.

Aftercare Resources beyond your session.

We have a variety of options to help you create your own aftercare rituals. Find our Aftercare Worksheet that includes 22 suggestions for aftercare, download our free aftercare check sheet, or checkout our INBODY Resources Center for more. 

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