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3 Ways Reiki + Energy Healing Can Support You Through Changes

Reiki Energy Healing is a hands on energy healing modality that clears toxic energy out of the body and replaces it with high vibration universal life force energy that restores, balances, and heals. Reiki and energy healing can also support with alleviating physical and emotional pain, tension, stress, and fatigue, restoring and replenishing energy, releasing personal, generational, and ancestral traumas, cleansing and healing sexual blocks, healing dis-ease, and channeling direction for ones path and purpose.


Self Study sessions centers whole chakra clearing for moving and releasing stagnant energy in order to return the body-mind-heart-soul to balance. We use a variety of techniques to help guide each client into clearing, balance, opening, release, restoration, and expansion. Sessions may be similar in flow, but each session holds its own power and purpose.

Throughout the year, we pick up debris from the day-to-day living and interacting with the world that can get stuck in our energetic bodies. We can move energy in a variety of ways from exercise, movement, and breath + body work. Reiki, energy healing, and other methods accessible on our own and can also be really supportive when we find a practitioner who is skilled in guiding people through and into deeper connection with the energetic body when we are needing a little more.


A little on the history of reiki:

Reiki is a is a form of energy healing that originated in Japan in the early 20th century. (1) According to the International Center for Reiki Training, the practice is based on the idea that we all have an unseen “life force energy” flowing through our bodies. (Everyday Health)

Originated in Japan, Reiki is a hands on energy healing modality that clears toxic energy out of the body and replaces it with high vibration universal life force energy. It supports the immune system, brings the body into a state of balance and harmony and calms the nervous system, bringing relaxation and allowing you to let go of tension (optimal for birthing!) In its earliest days it was being taught to midwives in Japan by one of the main teachers of the day who was also a medical doctor. (Reiki for Birthworkers)

Reiki is spiritually guided life force energy that restores, balances, and heals. Understanding that illness or imbalance begins as disturbances in the energy field, like most alternative healing modalities, it is not a replacement for conventional medicine or medical care, but can be a great addition for treating ones emotional, physical, and spiritual body.


3 ways you can use reiki + energy healing to support you with seasonal and life changes:

  1. Release

    Reiki and energy healing is a great tool for release, clearing, and moving stagnant and stuck energy. When you’re feeling depleted, depressed, anxious, pain, or ungrounded reiki + energy healing can help. A single session or a few over a period of time can help you shift the way you are feeling mentally, emotionally, and in your physical body by helping the move and release stagnation in your energetic field. Some people feel clearer, lighter, and more balanced or in their power after 1 single session. Others feel this after a few sessions. And depending on how deeply embedded your stagnation is, it can shift for you over time.


  2. Reclaiming, calling in + setting intentions

    Reiki and energy healing can be used simply for everyday energy clearing and life balancing between the body-mind-heart-soul and it can also be a method to amplify your visions, dreams, and intentions. You can design your session to elevate the efforts you are making for the changes ahead of you and center calling in higher frequency energies as you clear out what is no longer needed or supportive in your life. Inside Self Study, euni can guide you into and through a reiki + healing intention ceremony that will move you into the transitions ahead of you from a grounded, clear, and more powerful place centering courage, confidence, abundance, and opening as pillars for your path ahead.


  3. Deepen integration and aftercare

    Many of us are exploring ways to heal and turning towards modalities that center eastern medicine, indigenous practices, plant medicines, communal healing, and working with higher powers, nature, and the universe to move past trauma, fear, pain, and ancestral, generational, and relational harms we have embodied throughout our lifetime. When we move into and through layers of healing, lots of energy is released that has been either stuck, blocked, or as a method for survival have been buried deep within. When we begin working with modalities of healing, there can be big releases that leave us feeling overwhelmed, isolated, or with big emotions about our life, society, our history and lived experiences, and the world. Reiki and energy healing can be a gentle nourishing method to help you as you move deeper into your own integration and can be a great resource for aftercare following a medicine journey or ceremony, life transition like a breakup, job change or loss, and can help you receive information and the space needed to process what is happening inside your body-mind-heart-soul with greater ease.


If you’re not sure where to begin, there are a few ways you can start. Ultimately, opening up to the entry will inform your decision and support you and euni with navigating how you’d like to move forward with greater healing. I often recommend starting with an Aftercare, Breath + Bodywork session to experience euni’s style and facilitation flow. Reiki + Energy Healing, Aftercare, or Embodied Healing session might be aligned with your needs and will allow you to open a relational container with euni that can transform over time.

If you’ve experienced energy work and reiki healing and want to have more of a guided ongoing connection that spans across a period of time euni can customize a container that is uniquely supportive for your current needs through a mentorship might be where you’d like to begin. 

Here’s your invitation to get curious about activating deeper healing and liberation within your own body-mind-heart-soul whether on your own or with your partner(s). euni holds space for men, women, and queer, non-binary, or trans individuals and couples in person in San Diego, CA and virtually for selected sessions. You can purchase a session or request a complimentary connection call to activate your energy healing and body liberation journey.


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