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Aftercare for Foundational Pleasure + Play

How do you continue the exploration of intimacy, pleasure + play?

The Foundational Pleasure + Play Workshop was held this last Tuesday at The Rope Collective studio right outside the heart of downtown San Diego, in Barrio Logan. Although the experience can’t be replicated, there’s still opportunities to open towards experiencing exploration, deeper connection, embodied healing, and intentional intimacy at your own pace solo and with another.

Here are a few things to remember as you navigate the ways in which you are being called toward what your body-mind-heart-soul is ready to explore:

• Take your time. Integration, change, transformation, and expansion become a part of our truths over time.

• Start small and pick what feels curious but accessible for you. You can explore everything your heart desires and you can explore one thing at a time. Leave space, room, and have patience with the process that is uniquely your own.

• Leave and center space for messiness. Creativity is imperfect. The practice of creation is the commitment to curating and designing art that translates your passions, purpose, and desires. Allow your pleasure to become a work of art. Allow it to refine over time.

• Create space for yourself, daily. In order to connect deeply with all the parts of life, we must center our connection with ourselves. Remember, we can only effortlessly and ethically give from an overflowing cup. Pour into yourself in small and big ways continually over time. Find a time of day that you can take 5 minutes to sit with yourself in different ways. Explore + expand your sensory play and allow joy to surface, even if it’s only for one second at a time.

• Trust and honor your process. Every persons pleasure and play looks different. Dismantle the need to try to achieve other people’s goals and really ask yourself over and over, “what do I need right now?”

• Lighten up and lighten your load. So many parts of life are too serious. Find ways to become more gentle, soft, light-hearted, and forgiving. Find ways to laugh, to feel (simply as you are feeling), to release, to open, and to let down your walls. This will become different over time and across each experience. All the difference and lean into curiosity over criticism as you continue to expand and evolve your knowledge, desires, boundaries, needs, and fantasies.

Here are a few tools to support you in the days ahead for aftercare and continued integration.

• Set a mood + enjoy the playlist for Foundational Pleasure + Play on Spotify

• Checkout follow, like + share the Sensory Play Space podcast for accessible education, inspiration, and exploration and consensually edging your way into deeper connection, pleasure, and sensory play.

• Download the Rooted Rituals Worksheet to guide you through Sensory Play exploration for embodied healing + intentional intimacy. This can be used for general sensation exploration and can also be a foundation for assessing your desires, needs, and asks for aftercare with solo or partnered play.

• Journal or open dialog with a partner, friend, or lover. Here’s some Q’s to get you started:
- What are your basic needs? To feel open, trust, safe, connected, in alignment with what is present.
- What are your edges? Where are your limits, fears, insecurities, boundaries?
- What are your current curiosities? Includes fantasy, desires, dreams.
- What feels nourishing?
- What feels sensual, pleasurable, juicy, arousing?
- What feels edgy + expansive?
- How can you create space, time, and priority for this on your own? With another?

• If you’d like 1:1 guided exploration, book a private session with euni. You can begin with a Reiki + Energy Healing session or dive into a Foundational Pleasure + Play session alone or with the partner(s) of your choice.

Our next workshop will take place next week. See below for the line up and check the articles early this week for a list of Everything you Need to Know for the Intimacy + Aftercare workshop to help you prepare. And if you joined us live + enjoyed your experience, please take a few to leave a public review + mention “Foundational Pleasure + Play Workshop.” - it truly means and helps a lot!

Learn more about the events in the the Fall/Winter Embodied Healing + Intentional Intimacy Series

The Fall/Winter Embodied Healing + Intentional Intimacy Series can be experienced by purchasing single tickets to each event or you can buy a bundle which will give you access to all 5 events. Attendees will receive access to information, tools, and for selected events, products they can purchase to take home with them to continue expanding their own integration and exploration journey. Single events are available for purchase on a $25- $75 sliding scale range or the all access bundle to full series is available for $200.

You can purchase the Pleasure + Play Pack with your event ticket or at the event for $10 for a single session or you can order a multi-use package that includes an herbal body oil infusion + an herbal tea blend crafted locally here in San Diego, CA. Learn more here.

Series line up:

Foundational Pleasure + Play, 10/25 at 7pm

Intimacy + Aftercare, 11/6 at 10:30am

Intro to Kink, Part I, 11/15 at 7pm

Intro to Kink, Part II, 11/22 at 7pm

Tantra, Intimacy + Connection, 12/13 at 7pm

Questions or access accommodations, please email euni at