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Our sexual body and expressions are uniquely designed and customizable as our own. We've been led to believe and embody the stories of others and this sometimes works, but often does not. Through working with individuals and couples on exploring, expressing, and creating deeper connections with their bodies through many modalities through the last 4 years, euni has come to dedicate my time + focus and knowledge to what she calls our foundational chakras. The root, sacral + solar plexus. And through this has uncovered a variety of ways to create, activate, and expand healing + liberation within the body, one's identity, their sexuality, creativity, and expression. 

EMBODIED SEX ED is meant to help give permission, tools, information, resources, and integrational demonstrations that will support you becoming more embodied and empowered in the ways you connect intimately with your sexuality, sexual expression, and sexual identity. It is an ever growing space that will continue to expand and develop over time as the knowledge, experiences, and capacity to share authentically continues to evolve. 

The educational resources and hands on practices will be a library of information and experiences created from a variety of sources + educators, personal experiences, and a refinement of published information to be more expansive and inclusive of many people's lived experiences, gender identities, and relationship styles. It will encompass tools to help you move through any blocks that you are carrying or that surface and resources to help you explore your curiosities in ways that center ethics, consent, and safety so that you can show up with confidence.

What can you expect? Raw, real, and authentic content, connections + integration. Inside the EMBODIED S<3X ED you will have access to videos, hand outs, online + in person workshops and space for discussion groups. This space is designed to be something that you can experience in a hybrid of self paced and shared within a group setting. You can also work 1:1 with euni + a selection of other local practitioners to expand and amplify your one integration of the information both virtually and in person in San Diego, CA through the Confidence in Intimacy + Kink Mentorship.

Define + Expand Your Own Embodied Intimacy, Pleasure + Play

Self Study Embodied S<3x Ed can be accessed through THE HUB by INBODY.

This Cohort includes:

  • Deep dives on topics monthly associated with intimacy, kink, sexuality, relationships, and sexual identity
  • Live online classes and pre-recorded educational videos
  • Online group discussion spaces + circles for reflection + connection
  • Downloadable handouts + workbooks
  • Prompts to help you discover and discuss your desires
  • Guided meditations and embodiment practices for clearing shame and connecting with one's most authentic self
  • Discounts to online + in person integrative experiences, events, workshops, and community gatherings with the purchase of a ticket*
  • Personalized guided integration that will support you in becoming confident, empowered + living in your most authentic expression of self  through one of the Confidence in Intimacy + Kink Mentorship, the Men's Intimacy Mentorship, or the (re)EMBODY Mentorship containers and work 1:1 with euni (with an additional cost)


*Many of the offerings are included within your membership to the cohort and some will be available to participate in with an additional cost.

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Sign up before 10/23 to access for just $555

Fall / Winter Cohort 2023 - 2024

Topics + Embodied Studies Content Outline

The schedule of dates, times and locations will be updated soon and will be located on the events page. All online classes will be recorded and can be attended live or available for reply as a part of the cohort. Some classes will be accessible with a single class pass ticket for those who have not signed up for the cohort. Those enrolled in the Queering Sex Ed will have access to an affinity space for discussions + community connections.


The Fall/Winter Cohort topics will cover:


• Releasing Shame in the Body
- Somatic Integration

• Find your Kink
- BDSM Discovery + establishing your erotic, sensual + sexual desires

• Bodywork for Embodying Pleasure 
- Sensual Healing for Foreplay (a multi-part series)

• Erotic + Sensual Herbalism
- Aphrodisiac Ritual with Herbal Medicines

• Queering Sex Ed
- Exploring Sexual Relationships through queer identity (includes a queer community affinity space for discussion + social connection)
  • Queer Sex 101
  • Beyond Binary Intimacy + Connection
  • Queer Sex 201
  • How to + Hard Skill for Queering Sex
  • Queering Kink 101
  • Queering Kink 201

• Intimacy, Pleasure + Play
- Embodied Introduction for couples

• Ethical Non-Monogamy 
- Expanding Relationship Dynamics

• Sex After
- Opening towards physical intimacy after disassociation - a trauma informed space

• Tantra as Ritual
- Cultural Ties, Breath + Body, Partnered Connection (a multi-part series)

• Orgasmic Breathwork + Sensual Intimacy 
- Physical, Energetic, and Breath + Body Connections

• Kink Application and Hard Skills 
- Impact, D/S Dynamics, Wax, Temperature, + Fire Play, Rope Bondage and more (a multi-part series)

• The Art of Communication + Relationships
- Creating your own Impactful and Effective Communication Styles

• Non-Sexual Intimacy  
- Cultivating intimate connections without expectation of sexual exchange

• Mastering Online Dating 
- How to skip the surface and get the most out of digital connections and dating online

• Exploring Intimacy in Masculinity 
- Releasing societal shame and gender based standards in sexuality + identity