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Join us Saturday, February 11th from 2 - 6PM  at The Rope Collective for an Open Studio with our resident practitioners. Open studio is designed to allow our community + guests to get to know our practitioners and experience our in studio private offers with credited, trained, and trauma-informed professionals at a highly discounted rate. If you'd like to book a full-length private session outside of the Open Studio, each practitioner offers private session at varying days and times  Monday - Thursday throughout the week.


Booking Options*:

(1) 30 minute session for $50
Package of (3) 30 minute sessions for $100


Full payment will be collected to retain your spot. Guests will be asked to arrive at least 15 minutes before their session start time to allow time to park, check in, and complete your paperwork so that you can receive your full sessions allotted time. You will need to bring a photo ID and complete an intake form for each practitioner's session. Sessions require a pre-session negotiation and most sessions will receive a post session touch in.

*Booking pricing is per session, per person or package. You may book your session(s) as a couple or individual. Package sessions cannot be split on different days or across people and all sessions must be attended by the couple together. Sessions below with *** are available to be booked as a couple.


Sessions + Services Menu


Tantra, Intimacy + Sensory Play with euni:
A 30 minute guided tantra + intimacy sessions for individuals and partners who desire to connect deeper with themselves, each other, and the world around them physically, emotionally, spiritually, and intimately.


Intro to BDSM + Impact with Mary8Jane:
A 30 minute experience centering BDSM principles + practices including impact, breath, and sensual play that can unfold cathartic relief through somatic-centered sessions.


Massage + Bodywork with Ryan Foronda:
A 30 minute body work session for reconnecting back with their body and experience deep healing on all levels.


Body work  + Craniosacral with Jessica Cortez:
A 30 minute body work or craniosacral session to support clarity, abundance, and strength to the mind and energy through the body.


Rope Bondage Experience with Submissivetiger:
A 30 minute floor tie session for individuals and partners who desire to experience rope bondage and its somatic connectivity, enjoyment, and meditative relief.



Learn more about the Resident Practitioners at theropecollective.com/practitioners


To find a time and book your session, please email euni at hi@selfstudylab.com with the following:

- Session(s) you'd like to book
- Preferred time
- The best cell phone number to reach you at.

euni will text you within 48 hours to confirm your time and send you a payment link to retain your spot.