Confidence in Intimacy
+ Kink Mentorship

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Body-centered guided sessions for learning soft + hard skills and application for expanding the ways you connect through relationship with sex, intimacy + sensuality.

The Confidence in Intimacy + Kink Mentorship is a set of (6) informational + integrative sessions that will help you gain more confidence to explore, expression, cultivate deeper more aligned connections alone and with your partner(s). This mentorship centers building better principles of connection, play, and relationship building for healthier and more exciting romantic + sexual experiences. In this closed container, you will have the opportunity to find your truest and most aligned intimate and sexual expression, learn the foundations of kink and tantric connection, and design your own unique pleasure pathway so that you can live more a more authentically, liberated and aligned life without shame. 

Sessions center integration, healing, connection, aftercare, and strengthen relationship with ones own sexual energy and how they desire to share this within their interpersonal relationships. In this container, you will have the opportunity to work with euni + a selection of highly skilled facilitators + practitioners who will progress you through customized, fun experiences each session to help you gain competence, confidence to explore, express, and expand your intimacy + kink desires.  

During sessions, one can expect to explore:

  • Foundations of Kink, Expansive Relationship Dynamics, Tantra, and Embodied Sex Ed
  • Foundational communication, vocabulary, and tools for connection while exploring kinky desires
  • Power exchange, release of control, and learning trust through surrender
  • How to identify one’s true desires beyond societal standards and permission to explore their deepest curiosities
  • Clearing of blockages in the root, sacral, and solar plexus chakras and bringing balance, confidence, clarity, passion, and deeper connection to relationships, sexuality, identity, creativity, work, pleasure, and play
  • Opening of the heart and throat chakras that allows motion towards authentic love, communication, connection, and enlightenment
  • How to design + create the perfect scenes for a variety of situations and types of partners
  • Review + hard skills training for safety and usage of a variety of toys, implements, and play scenarios
  • How to build connections, cultivate community and create supportive relationships outside of sexual and romantic partnerships for your own unique lifestyle desires

Sessions are great for individuals or people in partnerships who desire to take their relationships to a new level and who have been working with one/multiple of the following: professional mental health therapist, sexologist, sex therapist, personal/life/business coach, and/or who have participated in gender-based groups and circles. This is a great container for those who seek to integrate, embody, and expand the transformation they have been navigating through other channels of support and who seek unconventional guidance into deeper self, sexual, and intimate connection. It is for those committed to investing in their own expansion, personal development and healing to expand into the life, relationships, and desires that they have always envisioned living.


In this closed container, you will have the space to explore:

  • Releasing sexual trauma and shame
  • Expanding a variety of types of energies with balance and autonomy
  • Embodying and embracing one’s own creative, sensual, sexual, and erotic energies 
  • Releasing blocks and activating healing of common challenges of the root, sacral, and solar plexus chakras
  • Healing relationship wounds from past shame with partners + societal, familial, and religious stories
  • Re-envisioning connectivity to intimacy, expectations, and pressures to perform
  • Healthy exchange of power dynamics, pleasure, and play
  • Consensual connection and touch
  • Rediscovering personal passion, purpose, and power 
  • Expansions of the ways you experience and expect embodied pleasure

Mentorship Container Details + Flow:

  • Guided sessions available in package of (6) sessions to be completed within 90 days
  • Container includes weekly or bi-weekly (every other week) sessions accessible in person or virtually for distanced clients.
    • Details of session vary week-to-week and can incorporate a mix of modalities that are collaboratively determined by client and guides. May include breath + body work, tantra, consensual conversation + touch, somatic practices, introduction to exploring kink, (re)EMBODY and Foundational Healing, and more.
    • Reflective support and self-paced integration practices will follow each session
  • Once the mentorship is completed, client will move into self-lead-integration to explore and expand what was surfaced inside your container in your every day for a period of time. After the integration period has passed, client will have the option to request to reconnect and open a new container if it aligns with your desires and needs.

Exchange and Financial Commitment:

Containers are founded on financial reciprocity in exchange for receiving what you need. Financial commitment will be discussed during your connection call and is required to open your integration and mentoring container. Curious individuals can contact euni to request an application and connection call to identify if this container is the right alignment for them in this moment in time.  the relational boundaries and article on sex work before submitting an application.


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