(re)EMBODY Photo Sessions with Self Study by euni

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About our (re)EMBODY Photo Sessions

What is (re)EMBODY?

(re)EMBODY Photo Sessions center embodied expression, healing, and release with photography and art as the main modality. euni collaborates with each client to create artistic expression and release by facilitating ways to use the body to create + express art. (re)EMBODY Photo Sessions guides each client into deeper ways to connect and literally move through stagnation, trauma, transition, and freeze.

Why it's important?

Most, if not every one, has had to navigate through separations between the body-mind-heart-soul. Many of us experience shame, trauma to the physical body, heightened grief, pain, body dismophia, changes to our physical body after pregnancy, illness, or surgery and more. When we move through intense emotions or states of survival or even physical/emotional harm, our connection with our body shifts. (re)EMBODY is a tool that can help us find and redefine our body as a home and help us expand love, peace, pride, openness, curiosity, and vulnerability in our day-to-day life. 

It's important to discover our root causes to our challenges through supports such as talk therapy. And it is also equally as vital for us to find avenues to take that knowledge and create rituals that will reset the routines, habits, and what feels "normal" to our actions and nervous system. It can also be expansive and deepening and empowering for us to be able to release, transform, and create from what once held us hostage or disconnected us from what gives us peace, freedom, and ease. Embodied healing holds us in the truth that it is our birthright to embody liberation. 

Who is it for?

This offering is available for men, women, and queer/non-binary individuals or couples who are ready to expand beyond the limitations that they have been holding and release any stagnation that has collected inside their body-mind-heart-soul. Embodied healing is for every body. Because it is something that is customized to an individual's needs, it can be accessible for everyone who desires to feel, experience, explore, and release. The Self Study Lab centers and is actively practicing trauma-informed connection and facilitation so your session can be modified to take you to the place you are desiring while prioritizing the truths of where you are at with discernment. It is strongly advised that you work with multiple practitioners and professionals while also finding and building connections within communities that align with your truths, desired values, and common interests. Healing is our own path and journey to own, but because we are communal creatures, healing is something that can only deeply happen within community.

What's included in an embodied healing session inside the Self Study Lab?

Each session follows a similar flow protocol with custom designed details based on the individual client(s) preferences, challenges, expressions, desired outcome, and comfort needs. Sessions desired for couples are meant to collaboratively co-create and move through a shared desire that is relevant to the partnership. Sessions are designed to be facilitated in person in the Self Study Lab studio in Downtown San Diego and can be modified for virtual or locational integration with a slightly adjusted fee.

(re)EMBODY Photo sessions are customized per experience and can include:

  • Photography
  • Guided Movement
  • Reiki + Energy Healing
  • Therapeutic Touch 
  • Debriefing and processing
  • Breath + Body work
  • Meditation + guided meditative experiencing
  • Guided release rituals

Every session includes (7) edited image for personal use with the options to purchase your entire library of selects for an additional  $100. This experience is customizable for your specific needs or requests and has options to add on other supports such as custom herbal blends for ongoing support after session or medicinal meal prep. 

How to prepare before your session and what to expect after. 

Before your session, take a few moments to set an intention and gather your thoughts and needs. These may not surface before you arrive, and that is okay, there will be space for this to unfold inside the Self Study Lab. If it's an option for you, it's a good idea to leave some time and space for yourself before and after your session so that you can tend to your own needs and allow the work to settle in before moving back into your day. You may notice motion, release, or additional emotions, feelings, or body responses surface a few hours, days, or weeks following the session. It may be a good idea and supportive for you to book multiple sessions to help you return to balance in your body-mind-heart-soul and is encouraged for you to lean into your support POD and community for additional care.

(re)EMBODY Resources beyond your session.

We have a variety of options to help you create your own embodied healing rituals. Download our Rooted Rituals worksheet for free and checkout our INBODY Articles + Resources Center for more self-paced support.

Ready to book?

Select a time and date below that works best for you. If you don't see an option, you can reach out via the contact page to inquire about other options such as different times, dates, or if you'd like to set up a session at a location of your choice. If you're interested in more ongoing support, Self Study by euni offers (re)EMBODY as a Transitional Mentorships in