Reiki + Energy Healing Sessions with Self Study by euni


About our Reiki + Energy Healing Sessions

What is Reiki + Energy Healing?

Reiki + energy healing is a hands on modality that works with the energetics around and inside of us to clear stagnation physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually from the physical body or the elements it is shared with. It can activate restoration, balance, and healing. Reiki + energy healing can support alleviating physical and emotional pain, tension, stress, and fatigue by restoring and replenishing energy, releasing personal, generational, and ancestral traumas, cleansing and healing sexual blocks, healing dis-ease, and channeling direction for ones path and purpose. 

Originated in Japan, Reiki is a hands on energy healing modality that clears toxic energy out of the body and replaces it with high vibration universal life force energy. It supports the immune system, brings the body into a state of balance and harmony and calms the nervous system, bringing relaxation and allowing you to let go of tension (optimal for birthing!) In its earliest days it was being taught to midwives in Japan by one of the main teachers of the day who was also a medical doctor. (Reiki for Birthworkers)

Why it's important?

The ways we care for ourselves must be wholistic - meaning including all areas of our wellbeing. In my belief, this begins with our energetic body as it is the foundation and guide for the direction, pace, and exchange we are able to create within life. It gives us our life force and when our energetic body is stagnant or blocked, it begins to impact and cause adverse effects on all areas of our life. Because of the magnitude of interactions, consumptions, and stressors we encounter on a daily basis, no matter how diligent one is with their wellness rituals, we experience build up. Clearing, drainage, and release is important in our the physical, spiritual, emotional, and mental body. When we do this regularly, it helps us prevent or minimize dis-ease, illness, and pain.

Who is it for?

Reiki + energy healing is for every body and is customizable for individual needs and preferences. Because it uses light touch or no touch at all and can also be done from a distance, it is also a great option for people sensitive to hands on connection. It can be a great alternative to acupuncture or acupressure for a less invasive experience and can support trauma and PTSD survivors who experience challenges or need more intentionality with contact or sensory needs. 

Reiki energy healing can be really useful for pregnant people and alleviating common symptoms and side effects of this transitional time with certain modifications. If you are pregnant, please be sure to discuss this with your practitioner before you arrive so they can modify the session.

What's included in a reiki + energy healing session inside the Self Study Lab?

Sessions centers whole chakra clearing for moving and releasing stagnant energy in order to return the body-mind-heart-soul to balance. Every session includes the options to customize your individual experience with specific needs or requests and options to add on other supports such as custom herbal blends for ongoing support after session. Once you book, you will receive an intake form where you will be able to identify if you'd like to focus on anything specific or if you're unsure, euni will guide you through a whole-body-healing which centers creating release through the 7 main chakras while focusing on any areas that blocks, stress, pain lie. 

How to prepare before your session and what to expect after. 

Before your session, take a few moments to set an intention and gather your thoughts and needs. These may not surface before you arrive, and that is okay, there will be space for this to unfold inside the Self Study Lab. If it's an option for you, it's a good idea to leave some time and space for yourself before and after your session so that you can tend to your own needs and allow the work to settle in before moving back into your day. You may feel movement, release, or additional emotions, feelings, or body responses surface a few hours, days, or weeks following the session. It may be a good idea and supportive for you to book multiple sessions to help you return to balance in your body-mind-heart-soul.

Aftercare Resources beyond your session.

We have a variety of options to help you create your own aftercare rituals. Download our Rooted Rituals worksheet for free and checkout our INBODY Resources Center for more self-paced support.

Ready to book?

Select a time and date below that works best for you. If you don't see an option, you can reach out via the contact page to inquire about other options such as different times, dates, or if you'd like to set up a virtual or distanced session or to schedule session at a location of your choice.