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The INBODY WELLNESS CO. is an art wellness collaborative that centers liberating intimacy, connection + communal care. We are a collective of individual brands that collaborate in ways that support empowering individuals in living their most authentic lives.

We center healing, creation, community, education, and shame free exploration through intentionally curated spaces, experiences, and guided sessions. Our mission is to cultivate an ethical, consensual + inclusive community on and offline that allows individuals to find their truth, people, and creativity so they can live autonomous, pleasure centered life.

THE HUB is where we gather. It's a membership platform designed for intentional connection. 

We bring together individuals embracing shame-free exploration of body centered wellness and intimacy in relationship and community. Together we are cultivating spaces + experiences that foster liberation, connection, pleasure, self-discovery, and person centered well-being through art, education, experiences, and creative expression.



THE HUB is where we gather. This online community space features offerings, exclusive content, and a closed container for shame-free connection with link minded individuals exploring and expressing through art, creativity, healing, pleasure, intimacy, relationship + community. It’s a place to find your people, resources, education, and unique experiences that empower living our most authentic lives.

Inside you'll find:

Accessible resources + education on healing, intimacy, relationship, and kink through an online library, online workshops and in person experiences.

An expansive community of likeminded individuals who desire to learn, grow, and experience with others through art + body centered connection, healing, and exploration

A variety of on and offline offerings that center building ways for our community to integrate information, empower communal healing + care, and build richer connections with one another

A resource library that includes professionals, events, and self paced learning materials to support our community beyond our offerings