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Relational Boundaries + Agreements

My love language is quality time. I connect intentionally, deeply, and expansively. In both my personal and professional spaces, I open abundantly to relationship in reciprocity, gratitude, and through exchange of receiving + giving. I navigate towards relationships that are in flow, expansive, loving, and nourishing - financially, mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually. I disconnect from + release relationships that move with force, imbalances of exchange, constriction, control, aggression, fear, or lack of clarity/confusion.

The most important and non-negotiable relationship in my life is the relationship I hold with myself. I will respectfully protect, nurture, and center this at all times, in all ways, unapologetically, authentically and in alignment with my truths, integrity, and needs to thrive beyond basic survival.

Here is a call-in so that we can create expansive, lasting, evolving, reciprocal, empowering, autonomous, and energetically honest relationships that continue to grow over time.

Before you begin taking up space or requesting my exchange, please consider what you are asking, how you can be in reciprocity, and how you are able to empower yourself as you receive the support you need to expand, grow, and heal. I am here to walk with you. And in order for me to keep walking alongside you, please review the boundaries I keep and tend to relationally - personally, professionally, virtually and physically. Check back in as many times as needed as our relationship continues to expand + evolve.

This is not an invitation for shame, guilt, or anxiety. But arms-opening for you to step into my healing space, to receive from my vast well, take what you need, and in return, plant new seeds so that your imprint is expansive and not detrimental. In relationship with euni, you will have the opportunity to expand growth through every interaction that holds space for the next human to receive + exchange abundantly.

This mirrors true communal healing. A transfer of tending and empowering, gratitude centered relationships. 

euni’s work often holds availability for community members to pay-what-you-can as a way of expanding healing regardless of financial means. If you’ve found yourself in a space of abundance and would like to exchange a greater source of reciprocity to support the work, euni, and access across communities, please click the button below and extend a source of financial gratuity to amplify and uplift communal care. Thank you.

I am able to share my time, energy, gifts, creativity, leadership, mirroring, love, and space-physically, emotionally, energetically, spiritually, culturally in the following ways:



Book time
• You can reserve time in my calendar that aligns with your schedule + ability to show up to receive what you need
Be patient with time + allow time for responses
• I am one human holding many projects, experiences, energies + people - including centering my own human needs.
Communicate Timelines
• If your communication is urgent, flag your message as such and I’ll do my best to get back to you promptly. If you have a deadline or timeline on a request, include the specifics of when you’d like your needs to be addressed or met. Otherwise I generally respond to any outreach within a few hours, days or a week (depending on the need + the current events taking up space in my life). If I don’t get back to you in a few days, feel free to remind me with a gentle nudge.



Create space
• For pause, reflection, collection of thoughts, imperfection, and correction of miscommunications or misalignments of actions
Digital + Virtual Spaces
• Mirror ways of communicating in shared spaces.
• Keep communication contained to the spaces it began unless it makes sense to or is invited/requested to move it elsewhere (i.e. if we are connecting over email, please do not DM me on social media or text me about what we are discussing in email. This creates possibility of loosing + confusing details which leads to misalignments + miscommunications).
• If your connection is not urgent, please email me or book a time in my calendar for a phone call, video, or in person connection. If your connection is urgent, please acknowledge this when you reach out + center respect for my time.
• Ask before releasing through text, email, or DM. It is hard to know where I am at mentally, emotionally, physically at any time, but especially when interacting digitally + virtually. Please respectfully ask if I have space for a dump, share, or to process something that you need to be witnessed or held in as you release. I will confirm or support you in finding another time or resource if I am not capable at the moment.
In Person
• Check in before releasing or dumping. Again, it is hard to know where I am at mentally, emotionally, physically at any time. Please respectfully ask if I have space for a dump, share, or to process something that you need to be witnessed or held in as you release. I will confirm or support you in finding another time or resource if I am not capable at the moment.
• Identify + share your own need and expectation for the space. Am I matching what you need? Do you need something different? Identify + communicate, respectfully and allow me to hold space for you with consent.
• Please do not touch me or show up to my spaces without checking in to confirm consent.



• Book a time and pay what is requested with gratitude. If you are limited financially, ask with gratitude and intentionality to pay what you truly can.
• If I am holding or opening space to support you in and through your healing, pay or exchange
Intimacy + Friendship
• Reciprocate equally
• Pay what you can, when paying is appropriate, reciprocate equally
• Open space for you to also receive



• Time, Space, Reciprocity
Honor fluidity
• Communication needs, timelines, and capacities shift based on my cycles, the seasons, and my personal-work life loads. Please be compassionate and allow space for things to shift.
Mirror respect
• Speak honestly. Not in reaction, but with clarity, compassion, and love.