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What they've had to say

This work is often hard to put into words. It is common to hear me say, I can't promise you change, but I can promise that you will feel differently than you do right now. What exists within the container is sacred and confidential. These client testimonials + reviews have been submitted through our feedback form or on our public google page and are being shared here with consent. If you'd like to share how working with euni has impacted you, please share your experience. Thank you for inviting me in. 

15-Self Study-gq-050822

euni is an embodiment of her work. Her unique and tailored approach to her work always resonates with me. She has an incredible way of challenging you, yet meeting you compassionately right where you are at. I’m beyond grateful for her work and how she has helped me to transform “freedom” from an external experience, to integrating into a internal choice.


euni’s talent exceeds far more than just her photography. Her ability to hold a safe space where you feel comfortable being vulnerable and fully expressed in front of a camera is unlike anything I’ve ever experienced. She guided us into beautiful depths of ourselves and the final product told such incredible stories in every single image. Her work is breathtaking and transformative!

99-Self Study-kg-040922
I had a Reiki session with euni and it was nothing short of incredible. I've had many reiki sessions with various practitioners but have never dropped in as deeply as I did with euni. The session space was very comfortable and neurodivergent conscious. euni's intake process was professional and compassionate- making me feel understood and safe. euni brought a very grounded and nurturing energy to the session. I felt deeply relaxed, supported and regulated. I cannot recommend Euni enough!! Her approach to Reiki and holding space is powerful!

euni’s mentorship was life changing. She was able to uncover wounds deeper than therapy ever has, and in so doing allowed me to become more comfortable in my own skin than I can ever remember. If you’re looking for a quantum leap in your ability to connect with yourself and others, you have found it.

655-Self Study-hj-040222

euni was amazing from the moment she answered the door. She was very welcoming and created a safe and comfortable space for everyone in attendance. The class was very informative and not rushed. euni provided great detail on the most important beginning steps of kink and ensuring it is safe for all parties. She continuously related topics to self experiences which made the topics more relatable or understanding. There was even a live scene negotiation that really helps when first learning what to look for as a bottom or even how to negotiate as a top. I highly recommend euni’s courses for anyone wanting a safe and welcoming space to learn and grow.

893-Self Study-ca-030522

I found euni's mentorship offering to be innovative, intentional, and healing. I wasn't clear what I wanted to discover going in. I came out with a greater understanding of what's underneath some of my desires, sexually and beyond. euni's approach was collaborative and made space to allow for my autonomy and agency. euni provided structure and also room for the organic flow between us to direct our sessions. As a cis-heteroqueer man, I have been socialized in ways that made this work uncomfortable, however, I feel more equipped at having important conversations about consent, boundaries, and my desires.

euni does such a tender job of creating and holding healing space both through her relational approach and her healing skillset. working with euni is a helpful and beautiful part of my self-care and growth journey.