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Meet euni

Embodied Healing + Intimacy Artist, Facilitator, and Educator

euni is a multi-disciplinary artist who facilitates embodied healing + intentional intimacy practices as a ritual. She incorporates cultural reverence, ecopsychology, herbal medicine, spiritual ideologies, and socioeconomic intersectionality to inform and inspire collaborative creative expression.


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Inside the Self Study Lab

Self Study's method + foundation is built upon connection, clearing, and healing stored traumas living within our foundational energetic pathways in order to open to deeper love, connection, and transformation as individuals and as a society.

Inside the Self Study Lab you will discover art, guided sessions, and group experiences that bring individuals into deeper body-connection.

euni uses methods that center embodying feeling, expression, and creativity to assist in surfacing, releasing, and clearing stagnation within the root, sacral, and solar plexus chakras.

Self Study's resources provide education that guides people into the incorporation of food, herbal + plant allies, and creation of lifestyle practices to balance reproductive + digestive ailments creating greater alignment within the body-heart-mind-soul.


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The Method

Modalities + Framework

Research Focus

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Cultural Reverence

Credentials, Training, Mentorships + Education

Community Partners

Healing happens in community. Below are practitioners, facilitators, educators, and organizations we are in a growing relationship with and recommend for the San Diego community.

To view options for self-paced study and expanded recommendations for community resources, organizations, and service providers please visit our resources page.

The Rope Collective
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Duality Heart work
The Peoples Holistic Clinic
disco riot logo