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Inside the Self Study Lab

Private Sessions for deepening connection, healing + intimacy with self or within your relationship.

Receive the support you need to move into and through life’s transitions with guided, embodied healing. Expand in your pleasure, play, and desires with intentional intimacy sessions, containers, and programs. Every experience is uniquely it’s own and curated with trauma-informed facilitation that centers each client's individual journey. Self Study by euni believes in relational equity pricing and extends sliding scale and payment plans upon request.

Sessions and Mentorships are available for private booking at the Self Study Lab Studio in North Park, at a location of your choice, or virtually.

Popular Sessions + Offers

Embodied Healing + Intentional Intimacy

Confidence in Intimacy + Kink Mentorship

This unique mentorship container is designed for individuals and couples of all identities who desire to explore and expand the ways they connect intimately in their romantic and sexual relationships. The Confidence in Intimacy + Kink Mentorship includes (6) informational + integrative sessions that share soft + hard skills uniquely crafted to help you achieve greater confidence, competence and creativity in the way you experience pleasure, play with your partner(s). 

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Embodied Healing + Intentional Intimacy

Intimacy Mentoring

Intimacy Mentoring is a containers available in a package of 5 sessions or for 90 days and designed to guide integration of embodied release, exploration, and liberation of one's way of connection with self + others intimately. Available for men, couples/people in relationships or individuals of any identity.

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Hybrid Healing + Intimacy

Rope + (re)EMBODY Photo Session

A 2 hour guided somatic experience with rope, guided embodiment, and photography. During this session, Sumissivetiger + euni will collaborate with you to curate a scene that brings you into deeper connection with your body to create + experience art. Each session includes a gallery of images and options for 15 minutes of post session aftercare with Self Study by euni. Starting at $222

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Embodied Healing

Aftercare Session

A 60 minute session that provides customizable hands on care following deeper sessions, scenes, performances, medicine ceremony, and other deeply integrative to help bring your body-mind-heart-soul back into balance. Starting at $88


Embodied Healing

Reiki + Energy Healing Session

A 60 minute whole chakra clearing for moving and releasing stagnant energy in order to return the body-mind-heart-soul to balance. Starting at $111


Hybrid Healing + Intimacy

Embodied Healing Session

A 90 minute holistic body-mind-heart-soul healing that incorporates a mix of guided somatic practices to activate integration of information and healing, feeling, and opening into the body. Starting at $222


Hybrid Healing + Intimacy

(re)EMBODY Photo Session

A 90 minute art-centered session that uses photography as the main modality to guided body connection and expression. Starting at $188

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