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Please review the below for frequently asked questions and supportive details to help you prepare for your session.

Preparation Work

Each session with euni is guided, facilitated intentionally. In order to prepare for your session, please review the details on this page and if you have any further questions or need additional clarity, support or want to discuss the details of what you will be bringing into the session and creating a customized set of boundaries that will help you feel safer in exploration, you can book a 15 minute connection call with euni at least 72 hours before your session.


Frequently Asked Questions


Preparation and aftercare for sessions?

Before every sessions, euni will share any working exercises or forms needed to prepare you for your session. Every client will be asked to complete the client intake form before their first session or mentorship begins.

It’s suggested if possible for each client to utilize a Rooted Ritual or ceremony as part of their preparation process. For mentorships, embodiment, and release work, preparation work should begin at least 3 days before sessions and it is suggested that you spend at least 30 minutes a day with the exercises and rituals to begin opening up for the process and flow. Please contact euni if you need suggestions for how to cultivate your own ritual or ceremony or if you'd like to book a private session to be guided into it. 


Reiki and Energy Healing Sessions

Wear clothing that is loose and comfortable if possible. You’ll lie face up on a massage table fully clothed. It may be a good idea to wear layers if you get cold/hot easily. It’s a good idea to bring water with you to rehydrate and support moving + clearing out anything that may been released during your session. If possible, prepare a little time post session to decompress and allow emotions, energy, and body space to be. It can be supportive to spend time in nature, journal, cry, or talk with a trusted connection as well.


Mentorship, Intimacy, (re)EMBODY + Photo Sessions

Wear clothing that is loose and non-restrictive to your session. Set an intention the night or hours before and create space to nourish, nurture, and settle into presence on your own. When you arrive euni will greet you, sit with you to check and ground in and then orally discuss the flow of the session before you begin.

These will flow differently each session depending on the experience desired and where each client is at in that moment in time. After the session it’s a good idea to create a little space to be reflective, journal, replenish your body, and connect with nature or a trusted connection. You may find yourself feeling a little more tender, raw, or emotive so having a plan that supports you pouring a little extra gentleness and grace to let go of anything that came up.

What to wear: Bring options for various outfits that allow you to move from fully clothed to full nude and that will allow you to move closer to and test your edges. You may choose to dress in any expression that aligns for you and fits the parameters of the session, container agreements, and relational boundaries established.


Consent, Privacy + Usage?

Each clients experience and consent is priority. What is revealed in the sessions will remain confidential and will only be shared with the clients written approval. Before each session or mentorship opening, clients will complete an intake for, sign a release form, and will review any boundaries, comforts, or discretion needs.

Images, stories, and experiences are co-created to guide each individual into deeper release, healing, and clearing. Images included on the website, social media, or displayed otherwise are shared with permissions of the story holder as an expression of liberation and a way to guide others forward towards their own healing journey.

euni practices trauma-informed facilitation so verbal communication is central in each experience. Please identify any needs you have with touch, communication, sounds, smells, and physical space needs to help euni best prepare for your session. We will continually pause, breathe, check in and allow space for your brain, body, and heart to align and verbalization of your observations and needs. Although euni will be guiding you every step of the way, each individual is in control and has autonomy over the direction session will flow.


What colors and clothing should I wear for art and photo sessions?

Earth and skin tones, solids, neutrals like white, black, and tan are best. euni centers and emphasizes working with the natural, raw human form so clothing and colors are suggested to allow clients to navigate towards their edges in ways that feel safe and appropriate for their own individual boundaries and exploration needs. During photo + connection sessions, our primary focus is exploring, expanding, and re-establishing your connection with your body-mind-heart-soul.

Partnered sessions center self-connection that expands and deepens the bond two individuals co-create together. Although it is not a requirement to navigate your sessions fully raw, it has been shown to open significant healing benefits by removing the distractions of layers, colors, and comfort zones and connecting with one’s truest, raw form.

Wear loose, comfortable clothing that you can easily and comfortably de-robe from. For in studio sessions, the restroom is located outside of the room but within our suite so you will need to consider what will allow you the mobility that you may need throughout your time here. Rompers, long, flowy dresses, and loose joggers or shorts and a T shirt are good options. For inside the studio, you may desire to bring your own robe to wear before or after we begin.

To view examples of photo work please check out euni's portfolio and art + musings for inspiration. 

See below for suggested color pallet that will work best within the Self Study Lab.


Self Study - Photo Color Pallete

Body Responses, Emotional Releases, Arousal

It is common and normal for our bodies to respond to release, stimulation, movement, and activation in a variety of ways. This space is one to be entered with the opportunity to be witnessed in your most vulnerably parts without shame, fear of judgement, or ridicule.

We store emotions, traumas, and stories throughout our bodies from years, generations, and ancestries before. The intimate nature of euni’s work will invite you to unpack delicate details that you may not have felt safe to do in moments of the past. Common emotive and bodily responses that have happened in the past have been discomfort or tension, moaning, freeze, excitement, pleasure, arousal within sexual areas, release of bodily fluids from eyes, chest, rapid or racing thoughts, change of pace of breath, fear, shame, or guilt.

There are no incorrect ways to allow your body to release. If you hold concerns or fears in regards to how you may display release during your session, please bring your specific concerns and details that you feel comfortable sharing with euni up in your pre-session connection call so that we can prepare to support your ability to move towards opening, release, and healing liberation. For guidelines on what is allowed in space, please review euni's Relational Boundaries and the article on Sex Work before the time of your session. 


Touch and Intimacy

Self Study sessions are designed to support one’s deepening of self connection, intimacy, and healing through re-embodiment practices. euni focuses on pain, trauma, sexuality, intimacy, expression, and connection. euni may apply platonic, consensual touch during sessions above clothing and to areas of the body that have been designated by the client as safe for receiving touch. There will be no stimulation or manipulation to or of genitals, breast/chest or any other parts of the body in a way to create or alleviate arousal. Although we will work closely in an intimate setting, settings are not designed or intended to encourage, invite, or extend offers of sexual exchange and this is prohibited in this environment.


Additional Support beyond the sessions?

Embodiment, relational, intimacy, release, grief, and trauma work reach levels of exhaustion, overwhelm, and fatigue. It is priority that each client understands and centers the value of communal healing and prepares to begin this work by building their own care POD. Before beginning to work with euni, she will work with you to ensure you have a plan for expansive care that will support you moving through your healing journey intentionally and with opportunities to find and define safety in the process.

Please view the ongoing list of Resources for self-paced and community support as options to explore, expand upon, and combine with what you identify as working best for you individual needs.

euni is not a licensed clinician or mental or physical health provider. They are providing alternative, hollistic health support that is designed to compliment your existing health care and is not designed to replace traditional medicine. If at any point you experience a medical emergency, you should call an emergency service or contact your health care provider.

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