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How to Prepare for Releasing Shame in the Body

Shame is an embodied experience. It can cause us to feel disconnected from our bodies by activating the ways our bodies function. And it can leave us showing up as less authentic versions of ourselves because we are operating from states of disassociation from our truest expressions. We can move through and transform shame by giving it space to exist and allowing it to be seen as it truly is without judgement. If you're ready to release shame, try these activities below and join us for the EMBODIED EsXeD Fall / Winter Cohort starting, Monday, October 23rd where we will dive deeper into creating our own unique blueprint for our sexual identity, desires, and embodied pleasures, play and connections.



Activities, prompts + information to explore before the class


Before class - Precare practice:

Set a timer for 3, 5, 10, or 20 minutes and grab something to journal with. You can use one or a few of the prompts below to help you open up towards exploring how SHAME shows up in your life. Try looking at it from as neutral of a space as possible - allowing yourself to answer the questions honesty and then explore the answers with curiosity over judgement. How can shame support you? How is it hindering you? What are you ready to confront, expand, release + rewrite.

Join us Monday, 10/23 at 6pm PT for a live online class and guided embodied experience to support you with moving through and renaming shame and creating space to embody more authentic expressions through your body, sexuality, connections, pleasure + play.


Journaling prompts:

• What stories can you identify that are attached to making you feel ashamed?
• What does shame feel like in your body?
• What does shame sound like in your mind?
• How do you behave when you are feeling ashamed?
• What feels challenging when you are in a place of feeling ashamed?
• What emotions, body sensations, thoughts, memories, or body language is coming up for you as you explore these prompts?


AFTERCARE - Reflections to explore after the class

- Check the Self Study articles the day following the live class for aftercare support.



What to explore deeper?

Join us Monday, October 23rd from 6-7:30PM PT in Zoom Online for RELEASING SHAME IN THE BODY - a live, online class as part of our EMBODIED EsXeD Fall/Winter Cohort.



This class is part of the Embodied Sex Ed (EsXeD) Fall/Winter Series and can be accessed with a single class pass for $33 through Eventbrite or you can buy the Fall/Winter Series Bundle for $555 and receive access to all of the online classes, self paced pre-recorded content, downloadable workbooks, community discussions + connection spaces, live Q+A's with practitioners, facilitators + educators, and so much more!

Save your spot! Pick which option works best for you by clicking the link below.

Single Class Pass Ticket (RSVP through the Eventbrite event page)

Fall/Winter Series Bundle (Purchase the Bundle instead of a ticket through Eventbrite + receive access to all the EsXeD Fall/Winter Content and our online community through THE HUB)



Our bodies store information from our lived experiences and carry data through our DNA. This 90 minute class is designed to guide you into focusing on creating space to receive more abundance, pleasure, and authentic alignment in your embodied intimacy + sexuality. This is an interactive intended to lead you through body centered wellness practices, techniques, and rituals for release + expansion.


This event will cover:

 Topical information on the chakra systems + energetic body, identify common challenges often faced related to our reproductive + digestive systems

• Practices for regulating + activating/charging the nervous system

• Practices will help you create your own ritual for grounding into the body, clearing out blocked pathways

• Simple techniques to support transforming shame into confidence in tangible ways.




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