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Permission Slip into Experiencing, Intimacy + Kink

I had a chat with Dr. Brittney Ellers on The Pelvic Pulse Podcast recently. She's someone who's work I value and as a fellow projector, I have found much value in the parallels of our path, our work, and the healing possibilities that have unfolded before us individually and as professionals extending work that touches on sexuality, identity, intimacy, relationship, and embodied exploration of healing + intimacy.


We spent time together touching in on:

  • The ways Brittney and euni have connected and continue to journey on the path together

  • How euni's work connects with pelvic health

  • How euni has worked with others through transition, and how it's happening now

  • People as mirrors, showing us ourselves and rejection of that

  • Moving from "performative" sex to a Tantric way of having sex

  • What intimacy is and what it can look like in euni's eyes

  • What is blocking people from having true intimacy, pleasure, and connection

  • Creating space for self to stay in alignment

  • Interacting with people, sharing in connection, and discernment

  • Morning + night routines being in the kink + BDSM world

  • Pushing edges + growing, without getting back into another healing journey

  • Beginning to work with euni on your healing journey


If you're curious and ready to dive deeper into your intimacy and healing journey, consider booking a private session or intimacy mentorship with euni. View the current offerings available inside the Self Study Lab on our sessions page or schedule a connection call to dive in. 

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