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Why I Believe in and Empower Sex Work

Conversation around sex work are confrontational, conflicting, and confronting. They shines a mirror on our internalized “morals” that are often just embodied sources of judgment, fear, and ridicule rooted in oppression, misogamy, and hate. But we mask, protect, and justify them through manipulated reasonings that say x, y, z isn’t “safe.”

I empower any act that is consensual as I believe and trust that humans are capable of making choices that are right for them when they are operating from consensual spaces. The layers of consent run deeper than a verbal yes and takes a commitment to deep self connection, trust, exploration, healing, honesty, and release of societal stigmas, shames, and norms.

As I continue to dismantle harm within and around me, I’ve minimized the importance of asking WHY and have centered, how, what, with whom, and when. And as I release the policing of existing by decentering the need to know WHY, I have continued to unfold layers of truths that are truly my own. A lover asked me, “What brought you here [into the kink/bdsm/poly lifestyle]?” to which I replied, “Liberation. I’ve always been a highly connective, sexual, sensual, curious, and spiritual person. And a little “weird.” I want to deepen pleasure and trust within my body, alone and with others. And define my true yeses and nos, not just the things I’ve embodied by stigmas.” This is a path I have been openly and diligently walking with intent, discernment, and self-accountability for over a year now, and in exploration and practice with for most of my life both in my personal and professional study and exploration.

There are many professionals who center working with others to expand their sexuality in a variety of ways from physical, to mental, to emotional, to spiritual for reciprocal exchange. These intellectual, artful, and embodied individuals may curate consensual experiences utilizing visual, verbal, or tangible tools that center intimacy, sexuality, sexual expression, pleasure, connection, embodiment, liberation, and healing.

For my own journey, as a citizen within a society who must conform in some degree to roles of law, politics, and status quotas - I play the game of manipulating the lines I have been told I must walk in order to do the work I am in this lifetime to do; to heal deep ancestral, generational, and societal wounds, and to liberate myself without being penalized by the patriarchy and capitalism in ways that take me off course. So, before we dive deeper into this thought piece, a few legal clarifications to detour anyone who has arrived here seeking to prosecute, police, or solicit. If you’ve arrived to this site with a motive to expose, shame, or find information that will make you feel more powerful, understand that I will welcome you by simply flipping the mirror and enable the healing that your soul craves in order to become more liberated, empowered, and free.

I do not chose to hold (nor have I earned or acquired) the label of sex worker. I do not have any qualms with those who do, consensually. And yet, by this definition of sex work, I choose to be in good company as the work I do centers sexuality, identity, reproduction, and autonomous body liberation. Within my work, specifically, I do not exchange physical sexual acts for financial compensation, disguise my services or provide behind the curtain connections that would put me in a place of being entangled within the web of legalized harm.

I do activate energy healing, empower body liberation, and amplify the work of marginalized folks no matter the title they hold or how they present their work. I support ethical exchanges of connection, support, and tools for healing beyond the white-washed conservative definitions and laws. Understanding that true ethics is entangled with consent and liberation is suppressed through the curation and manipulation of language and law that evokes fear, shame, oppression, control, and divisiveness.

I am a human who uses my body to expand, exist, express, release, activate, feel, and heal. I guide others through deep self-exploration that enables them to do the same. I facilitate embodiment that liberates curiosity, pleasure, courage, connection, and truth within others. The encounters I exchange with those who cross my path dismantles layers of shame, pain, and trauma that has forced contractions, stagnation, and blocks often surfacing as discomfort, illness, disease, or emotional/physical distresses that keeps them stuck. You can review the Session Details page to find definitions that may allow you to feel more comfortable or brave welcoming this into your life, but ultimately, if you have arrived here, it does not matter the label you give to the container, it’s simply a guided navigation for foundational healing of the body-mind-heart-soul.


Understanding my truths and perspective on this is important. Through working, building community, and learning with and from queer, trans, and BIPOC people, I have learned the importance of confronting and challenging my own perspectives and how easily I can do harm, even if it is unintended if I am not actively confronting my internalized biases. I have learned that my perspectives can and will shift as I release the shame I have embodied that connects to my own desires, identities, and truths. And I have learned that if I am not authentically building relationships with a variety of people who have held a variety of lived experiences, then my views become warped to the limitations of the experiences I have had. Actively letting go of oppressive standards is vital to the healing and liberation all the parts of my identities: as an energy healer, or a human AFAB (assigned female at birth), or a femme-presenting queer, or a woman. A community organizer, a reproductive caretender + birthworker, a human healing, and an advocate for body liberation and full autonomy. As a spiritual being living a human experience. A soul carrying wisdom, trauma, and truths of many lifetimes. And as a practitioner who empowers their clients and community through guided foundational healing.

Understanding the necessity of challenging my perspective has also minimized the power of WHY and shifted my focus into the uplifting of exploring, embodying, and curiously expressing how, what, with whom, and when. So my answer to WHY I believe in, support, and empower sex work is simply a sentence:

I believe in and empower sex work as I believe in full autonomy of one’s lived experience, which includes any and all consensual experiences that are in agreement between the individuals involved.


I will expand in depth on autonomy and consent in (near) future articles, but for now, in short, consent requires honest information, negotiation, autonomy of choice, and a lack of coercion. Not all sex work is consensual from this lens, and my empowerment within this piece is solely of consensual sex work.

Reevaluating my belief systems has been supportive for my healing and liberation. Enabling the dismantling of my own embodied shames, stigmas, and false-beliefs of sex work and sex workers has lead me to deeper healing. The presentation of the information below stems from my studies, lived experiences, community, inner wisdom, and perspectives which will evolve over time. I invite you to read, take what works for you, and leave the rest. You’re welcome to respectfully express, share, and provide expansive perspectives in the comments, understanding that anything deemed hateful, harmful, or disrespectful will be deleted, and returned attempts will be considered harassment and you will be blocked.

So, now I will tell you, 3 simple, yet deeply layered reasons why I openly support, empower, and amplify sex work.

Sex work holds us in truth, accountability, autonomy, liberation, and possibility despite all the ways in which have been taught to be disempowered as individuals and across the collective.

I’ve found that expanding my view of sex work from judgmental to curious has deepened my connection with the shames I have held that are deeply misogamist. Revealing of how deeply imbedded conservative-societal stories were rooted into my actual human container. Unveiling of the ways in which I have felt comfortable conforming with and playing into the roles and stories that masculine bodies are elite and the presentation of how sex is inherently for the expression, ownership, and regulation of female and femme bodies. How queer and trans bodies are wrong. How self-expression is limited to boxes that do not offend, challenge, or stray from what is mainstream or what has been normalized. And this is not specifically limited to how we use our pelvises, genitals, or bodies to stimulate pleasure. But even more importantly - how we have carried the oppressions, policing, and shame of this into every area of existence. From the smallest of details such as outlawing or shadowbanning art, expression, conversation, education, or visuals that translate the full-spectrums of existence without filters (again, consensually) to the largest, and most specific details as to how we dump our own shame and fears onto others as a way to self-soothe our discomforts with being challenged to explore depth and demand that others get back into the boxes that we’ve been told were created to keep us “safe.”

Sex work exposes perspective. It dismantles stigmas which allow us to enable deeper, ancestral healing through returning to layers of our past, present, and exposing possibilities for our futures.

We build our perspective and “truth” of life through our foundation (home, school, environment, and learned beliefs). This is connected to our Root Chakra which is the base of our existence. When our root chakra is blocked, we navigate with fear, uncertainty, and insecurity. There are many reasons why and how our root chakra becomes blocked, and several of these are tied to our childhood and inner child woundings. Sitting directly above, the Sacral Chakra, is connected to our sexuality and creativity. This controls our reproductive and sexual anatomy, organs, and health. And above this is the Solar Plexus which is connected with one’s self confidence and power ruling our digestive system. The combination of these 3 is what I call the Foundational Chakras as they are so closely connected that when one is blocked, it can deeply impact the surrounding ones, and when cleared, can activate and support healing in those nearby.

Through our Foundational Chakras, we can connect with our lineage forwards and backwards, and clear debris, stagnation, and lifetimes of trauma that cannot be clinically diagnosed or “cured.” Sex work supports working with the energetic and body data that is woven into our DNA. And it gives us tools to implant embodied knowledge of existence at depths that words, science, and logic often cannot penetrate. As masculine-forward society (as an energy, not gender), we deeply depend on intellectualizing and challenge, fear, or dismiss feeling, emotion, and responses lead by our body.

Sex work is a chosen guidance, facilitation, practice, exchange, or ritual of embodiment that often focuses on the feelings, emotions, energy, release, and expansions within the Foundational Chakras (often, amplifying the focus within the sacral region). When one chooses to focus on this area (through any method that curiously aligns for them), their perspectives become refined and more autonomously aligned with their deep truths which begins to expand and dismantles internalized stigmas, shames, fear, and judgment. These acts of liberation heal traumas stored within our body-mind-heart-soul and dislodge harm etched within our DNA.

Sex work is healing and liberating for both the practitioner (facilitator/artist/guide) and the recipient(s).

Relational containers created with reciprocity enable all participates to be within exchange that validates a piece of our basic human need for survival: to give and to receive through connection. In consensual exchange (under the definition presented above), all participants are both giving and receiving within the container of exchange that they co-create. This allows healing and liberation to be obtainable and minimizes exchanges that are depleting, harmful, or centering of toxic power dynamics. Expression, release, pleasure, and connection are healing. And when one chooses to center sex work in any way that is consensual, they are choosing to curiously and courageously explore expansion, which is liberating.


If you’re curious about activating deeper healing and liberation within your own body-mind-heart-soul whether on your own or with a partner, euni holds space for men, women, and queer, non-binary, or trans individuals and couples in person in North Park, San Diego, CA and virtually for selected sessions. You can purchase a session or request a complimentary connection call to activate your energy healing and body liberation journey.

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